Your Entire Family is Welcome at our General Dental Practice!

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At every stage of life, your dental needs change – that goes for the whole family!

Kids and teens need braces, adults need regular cleanings and fillings, elders may need dentures – and little ones deserve a lollipop after doing a good job at the dentist’s office! Our general dental practice makes it easy for everyone to get the services they need.

Why a General Dental Practice is Your Best Bet for Family Dentistry

A general dental practice is a one-stop solution for the whole family’s dental needs. This makes things easier over the years, since you can build rapport and really trust your dentist. That’s much better than changing providers or keeping a whole list of specialists.

Using a general dental practice has a lot of advantages:

You Can Really Trust Your Dentist

People who have a good relationship with their dentist generally report higher satisfaction and feel better when they visit. One reason may be because the sense of relaxation and safety you feel with dentists you trust makes it easier to get through longer, more complex procedures.

At Landmark Dental Group, we strive to provide a peaceful environment for everyone. We believe in spending as much time with each patient as necessary to provide outstanding service. Plus, we have specialized options like sedation dentistry to maximize your comfort.

You Can Get the Services You Need

Sticking with your general dentist over time means you get real, personalized insight. As with any kind of healthcare, this means it’s easier to spot problems and get the right treatment faster. You won’t have to worry that someone you’ve never seen will read your x-rays or history wrong.

It’s not just age that affects dental wellness, but all kinds of personal habits. When your dentist gets to know you better, you’ll get advice that will make life easier. Just to give one example: There are easier ways to floss! Ask us how at Landmark Dental Group.

It’s Easier to Maintain Your Teeth

With an established general dentist, you’re more likely to take the plunge and visit regularly. That makes a huge difference over time. Prevention is the best dental strategy. Since most mouth issues start small, regular check-ups can help you catch problems faster.

Even if you are doing everything you can to protect your dental health, there may be a slight tweak that can help you now and in the future. Even brushing too hard, or with the wrong type of brush can cause problems down the line. We can help you get it all figured out.

Visit Landmark Dental Group, the Top General Dental Practice in Santa Cruz

From the first set of teeth to the first set of dentures, a general dentist is your best ally.

At Landmark Dental Group, we to make dentistry easy for the whole family. We know how to keep things light and simple for the kids, fast and convenient for the adults, and virtually discomfort-free for everybody. Visit us and see the difference!

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