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Getting a Filling Is Made Easy With Your Santa Cruz Dentist

Santa Cruz Dentist Filling

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Getting fillings done is one of the most important ways to protect your teeth.

Many people have childhood memories of working hard to build up good dental habits. It was nice to visit the dentist and find out you had no cavities. Maybe you would even get a lollipop (sugar-free, of course) or other treat. As you age, though, things get can get a little more complicated.

Cavities can become much more likely with age, since the outer enamel of teeth tends to become more thin. Natural recession of gum tissue also makes teeth more prone to decay.

Luckily, there are fillings: A trusted and effective way to protect teeth.

Why Fillings Are Essential for Long-Term Dental Health

Any good Santa Cruz dentist will tell you that strong fillings are important for adults and kids.

Many cavities start out so small they are almost impossible to detect. As they grow, damage spreads across the tooth and it’s easier for bacteria to infiltrate the interior. Cavities can take months to produce noticeable symptoms, but the problem is always progressing.

Fillings can halt the decay process. The sooner this is done, the better for your teeth!

Performed by an expert Santa Cruz dentist, you can expect your fillings to last for fifteen years or even longer. Although decay can happen around a filling, it is less likely than with an untreated tooth.

Tooth Colored Fillings Make it Easier to Maintain a Beautiful Smile

Tooth colored fillings, known as composite or resin fillings, resist damage, are easy to maintain, and blend in with the natural color of your surrounding teeth. It is often impossible to tell that you have a filling, especially after a few months.

There are some other advantages to know about:

  • Since they are so durable, they can be used in the front or the back of the mouth;
  • They bond strongly to enamel and don’t require removal of much tooth material;
  • They can usually be placed in a single visit, even if a cavity is very serious.

Getting a Tooth Colored Filling is a Simple Process

Most patients find the look of composite resin fillings to be even better than porcelain, the “original” tooth colored fillings. Of course, there may be situations where your Santa Cruz dentist recommends a different type of filling, such as porcelain or gold.

Getting a tooth colored filling is easy. All it takes is a quick examination, which may include x-rays. Teeth that are not severely infected can be filled right away, a process that might take only half an hour from start to finish. Discomfort is minimal, and you can even choose sedation dentistry.

With old-fashioned amalgam fillings, you usually had to wait 24 hours before you could eat. In most cases, patients receiving composite fillings can eat right away, though it’s a good idea to wait until anesthetic wears off – you’ll be less likely to bite your cheek that way.

To find out more and get the help you need, contact Landmark Dental Group of Santa Cruz!

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When You Have A Tooth Sensitivity Don’t Delay In Calling A General Dentist

Tooth Sensitivity Santa Cruz

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Ouch! When you find yourself suffering from tooth sensitivity, even your favorite meal can turn into a chore. There are many reasons why tooth sensitivity can take place, but all of them point to one thing: The need to see a general dentist as soon as you can to evaluate the problem.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

From the outside, it might seem like teeth are nothing but hard minerals – almost like rocks. But, in fact, they are living things just like all the other major systems in your body. Your teeth are nourished by the blood flow supplied by your gums and are each served by their own nerve.

With all that in mind, it’s not surprising that they can experience sensitivity.

About 40 million Americans experience some tooth sensitivity on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it can mean there’s an underlying problem with your teeth or their nerves that needs to be treated!

Some of the most common reasons for tooth sensitivity include:

Worn-Out Tooth Enamel

If your toothbrush is too hard, you could actually contribute to tooth sensitivity when you brush. It’s important to replace your toothbrush at least every six months to ensure the bristles remain their softest. You should also avoid brushing too vigorously.

Tooth Erosion Due to Acid

Some acidic foods and drinks are so powerful, they can temporarily soften tooth enamel. In fact, you should avoid brushing your teeth for 15-30 minutes after eating to prevent this from causing damage. Sugar-free gum can also help restore the mouth’s pH balance.

Tooth Decay and Bad Fillings

Of course, tooth decay can lead to sensitivity. However, that’s really only half the story. Many people who have fillings might believe they’re safe from decay – but, as fillings age, they start to break down. If you have old-fashioned amalgam fillings, they may need to be replaced.

Gum Recession

Everybody experiences some recession of gum tissue with age. This gradual process is the origin of the saying “long in the tooth.” If gum recession is accelerated by decay or other issues, gums might retreat far enough that sensitivity to cold and heat will result.


Some people experience tooth sensitivity because they grind their teeth at night. This condition, called bruxism, can cause microscopic damage to teeth. People often don’t know they are doing it until a sleeping partner lets them know.

How Does a General Dentist Treat Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity can usually be treated by addressing the underlying problem. This usually means cleaning the teeth, treating any active decay, and replacing damaged fillings. If the discomfort is caused by bruxism, a special dental appliance can often curb symptoms.

A good general dentist will always strive to save a tooth, even if it is damaged. In extreme cases, root canal therapy can be performed to eliminate the tooth nerve. This prevents the tooth from detecting hot and cold sensations, while still leaving it structurally sound.

For help from a general dentist you can trust, contact Landmark Dental Group.

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Your Local Santa Cruz Dentist Offers Tooth Colored Fillings

tooth colored fillings

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Thinking about visiting a Santa Cruz dentist? Even if you’re very careful about the health of your teeth, you might find that you need a filling or two. Cavities can develop slowly over the course of months or even years – every now and then, they might go unnoticed between dental checkups.

Getting a filling is fast and easy, but what about their appearance?

It wasn’t that long ago when getting a filling meant eventual discoloration that would stand out against the regular color of the tooth. Today’s most sought-after fillings blend into the surface of your teeth – that’s why they’re called tooth-colored fillings!

What’s the Big Difference Between Old-Fashioned Fillings and Tooth-Colored Ones?

When you go to the dentist, you want your teeth to look and feel their best.

A big part of that is getting cavities filled so they won’t get worse in the future. Many of today’s adults probably got at least one amalgam filling as a child. These fillings are made of several different metals, including silver and tin, which can turn dark when exposed to oxygen.

By contrast, the tooth-colored fillings at your Santa Cruz dentist won’t change shades in the future – at least, not any more than your teeth do!

A special resin that mimics the properties of tooth enamel is used to create these long-lasting fillings. Not only can they effectively match the color of a tooth being worked on, but they also age in a way that allows them to blend in with tooth enamel over time.

No matter how long you have them, they don’t get more obvious with age.

Tooth-Colored Fillings are Convenient and Easy to Care For

Tooth-colored fillings have a number of other great advantages, too:

  • They can be used in the front or back of the mouth since they’re highly resistant to wear;
  • They can be bonded to the tooth with very little removal of healthy tooth enamel;
  • They adhere well to both enamel and dentin, making chipping and other damage unlikely.

While tooth-colored resin fillings are growing popular, Landmark Dental Group also offers a variety of other fillings, like gold and porcelain. These filling materials may be helpful in situations where there has already been significant loss of enamel due to decay or trauma.

Using the right fillings, even seriously damaged teeth can often be preserved.

If there’s major structural damage to the tooth, another type of restoration might be needed. Landmark Dental Group offers inlay, onlay, crowns, and much more. No matter the situation, we can meet your needs. Our team will review your options with you so you can make an informed decision.

At Landmark Dental Group, your trusted Santa Cruz dentist, you can get your tooth-colored fillings in a single, quick visit. To find out more or set an appointment, just contact us today. We look forward to helping you get the beautiful smile you want.

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Your Family Dentist Can Help You Decide What Type of Filling or Restoration is Right For You

filling restoration

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Even if you’ve done everything you can to protect your dental health, odds are good you’ll need a filling or two at some point in your life. As we age, tooth enamel can soften and wear away, making cavities more likely with time.

There’s no reason to fret – modern fillings are effective, safe, and natural-looking!

Many adults do have some “not so fond” memories of traditional fillings. Most of these are amalgam-based, giving them their distinctive, silvery appearance. Over time, amalgam fillings have a tendency to discolor. If put in early in life, they often need to be replaced later on.

Today’s fillings are very different. Your family dentist can tell you more.

Composite Resin Provides the Tooth Colored Fillings You’ve Been Waiting For

If you have a tooth you’ve been wondering about getting filled, there’s one rule of thumb: The sooner, the better! With proper care, a small cavity may take a long time to get larger – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t present a serious threat to your dental health.

Cavities make it easier for harmful bacteria to infiltrate your teeth. Once they’ve done that, the root system can be infected. An infection might spread through the gums, too, causing serious problems. The best course of action is to get a cavity filled promptly.

Tooth colored fillings have a number of great benefits:

  • They look similar to natural tooth enamel – it’s usually impossible to tell the difference;
  • They can be used in either the front or back of the mouth since they’re resistant to wear;
  • They don’t require much healthy tooth material to be drilled away before filling insertion;
  • They adhere well to tooth enamel and dentin, and require only one visit to be placed.

When Are Other Types of Fillings or Other Restorations a Good Idea?

Patients love tooth colored fillings, but there are also many other options to choose from. We offer porcelain and gold fillings as well as other tooth restoration services: Inlay, onlay, crowns, and much more. The best way to decide which is right in your situation? See your family dentist in person.

Tooth colored fillings are very popular, and they’re great for most situations. For very damaged teeth or those that have had a root canal, however, other options can be preferable. Before you choose, a dental exam is essential. Sometimes, an x-ray might be necessary, too.

Visit Landmark Dental Group to Learn What Filling or Restoration is Best for You

Making confident, informed decisions about your dental health is one of the greatest benefits of having a family dentist. At Landmark Dental Group, we strive to build strong relationships with each one of our patients. We truly understand your needs, so you can get the best care possible.

Even if you haven’t seen a dentist lately, it’s never too late to restore your smile and strengthen your teeth. Take the first step today by contacting Landmark Dental Group for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you smile!

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Looking for a Dentist Near You? Get 2017 Started Off Right With a High-Quality Santa Cruz Dentist

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Get 2017 Started off Right with a High-Quality Santa Cruz Dentist Near You

With the new year here, it’s time to start thinking about your smile. If you’ve been neglecting your teeth, it’s time to make the resolution to get back to taking care of them. Start by finding a high-quality Santa Cruz dentist near you.

Check out what they can do for you:

Keep Your Teeth Clean and Healthy

What’s the most basic thing a Santa Cruz dentist can do for you? The answer is simple: keep your teeth clean and healthy. Regular check-ups and cleanings are a must for good oral hygiene.

And, if you’re in need of extra special care, Landmark Dental Group also offers root scaling and planing for people with gingivitis or deep pockets that hide tartar and plaque. Everyone needs to come to the dentist at least twice a year for preventative care even if you don’t have a problem. It’s the best way to stop problems before they start.

Get Your Whole Family Treated

As a family dentist office, Landmark Dental makes treating your whole family easy because they see anyone at any age. If you have a child whose first tooth just emerged, they invite you to bring your child for their first exam. You’ll learn how best to care for your child’s teeth. If you have a geriatric parent, bring them by. Older patients often have many problems such as dry mouth, gum disease, etc., that need specialized attention.

Fix Problems That Arise

Of course, even with good preventative care, problems may arise. A little too much sugar could lead to a cavity, and a lot of sugar could lead to a big crack. Your Santa Cruz dentist is there to help with fillings, crowns and extractions. They even offer tooth-colored fillings. So if you need a filling or have metal fillings, you can have them replaced with white fillings that look like natural teeth. Everyone will think you’ve never had a cavity on your life!

Get a Complete Smile

It’s so common to have one or two missing teeth, especially if you are older. This can sometimes be embarrassing, but Landmark Dental Group has you covered. They offer three different ways to replace missing teeth: dentures, dental bridges and dental implants.

Dental implants are the most durable way to replace missing teeth, but they are expensive. Whatever your budget and preferences, you’ll find a way to get the complete smile you desire.

Perfect Your Smile

So many things affect the beauty of your smile: discoloration, genetics, poor oral hygiene, etc. In the past, you pretty much had to live with an imperfect smile. However, today, there are many ways a Santa Cruz dentist can give you a breathtaking smile. Some services include teeth whitening, veneers and crowns. These are all great ways to make your smile look brighter, healthier and younger.

Stay Calm and Relaxed

Too many people have anxiety about going to the dentist, and in the past, there may have been reason, but today, going to the dentist is painless. Of course, that doesn’t always stop your anxiety. So, if you need a way to relax in the chair, choose sedation. You can choose from inhalation sedation, oral sedation and IV conscious sedation. All of them make you feel so relaxed you may fall asleep. Plus, they have some amnesiac qualities, so you won’t remember much of your visit — making it less scary to go to the dentist in the future.

Don’t neglect your mouth a moment longer. You want to be proactive with your smile, so serious problems don’t arise. For more information, contact Landmark Dental Group.

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