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Photo Credit:  Scott Griessel | Adobe Stock

Photo Credit: Scott Griessel | Adobe Stock

At Landmark Dental Group, we believe in dental health for the whole family.

Elders have special dental concerns that should be checked on by dentists who see geriatric patients in their practice at least twice a year. Older people are more likely to run into issues with both their teeth and gums. But why is that, exactly?

Tooth enamel may seem very hard, but it’s actually porous and relatively thin. As we age, the enamel starts to thin out even in otherwise healthy teeth. This can lead to symptoms like sensitivity to heat and cold. Plus, it makes cavities more likely.

Gums also need to be proactively protected in the golden years. Gum tissue will naturally recede from the teeth over time, so the gums can become more vulnerable to damage and infection. Teeth that are fully intact can still get loose and need restoration, too.

How Often Should Elders Visit a Geriatric Dentist?

In general, people aged 55 and older should schedule two appointments with their dentist each year. You should set up more frequent appointments if you notice symptoms or have an active dental concern that should be checked on regularly.

Be sure to contact a geriatric dentist for any of these issues:

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, takes place when natural production of saliva is hindered. Saliva helps defend teeth against bacteria and maintain the pH balance of your mouth, so it should be treated whenever it arises. Although dry mouth is often caused by medications, it can also be relieved with medicine, certain mouthwashes, and even some sugarless gums.

Root Caries

Dental caries are familiar to just about everyone – they’re cavities. But did you know root caries can also take place? Root caries can happen when decay in the front surface of the teeth damages nearby gum tissue. Gum tissue can recede below the enamel line and may pull sharply away from the tooth surface. Prompt treatment is important to protect the tooth.

Tooth Attrition

Thanks to ordinary contact between teeth, tooth surfaces can wear down over time. Sometimes, this causes intermittent pain. It can also make cracking and chipping more likely. An occasional x-ray is important for monitoring the structural integrity of teeth. If you habitually grind your teeth, geriatric dentists may be able to help you minimize damage.

Easier Dental Care with Trusted Geriatric Dentists in Santa Cruz

Let’s face it: No one wants to sit in a dentist’s office all day long, and many people are wary of dental procedures that might be uncomfortable. At Landmark Dental Group, we make treatment easy, efficient, and affordable. We want you to feel comfortable every step of the way.

For those with dental anxiety, we offer safe and easy sedation dentistry. You can have a pleasant nap while we take care of everything. We pride our practice on being insurance-friendly, too, so it’s as easy as it can be to use your dental benefits. We even offer a senior discount.

To find out more, contact Landmark Dental Group.

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