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4 Facts You Didn’t Know About General Dentists in Santa Cruz

You don’t need to choose a special dentist for everyone in your family just because they have different concerns or they are different ages. When you choose a good general dentist, you can get everything you need in one office. Check out these four facts you probably didn’t know about general dentists in Santa Cruz.

Many General Dentists See Patients of All Ages

General dentists are a great option for your entire family because most general dentists see patients of any age. Kids who are just getting their teeth, teens, adults and the elderly are all welcome. General dentists often have specialty treatments for younger and older patients. This is because kids and geriatrics face different oral problems than teens and adults. For example, many older people must deal with gum recession, dry mouth and missing teeth, but at great general dentist offices like Landmark Dental Group in Santa Cruz, these patients can seek help. You don’t have to find three different dentists for you, your children and your aging parents. Simply find a general dentist who treats everyone.

General Dentists May Offer Cosmetic Care

Cosmetic dentistry is a hot topic these days. Thanks to the advancements in cosmetic care, patients can get the smile they’ve always wanted. You may think you have to go see an expensive dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry, but that isn’t the case. Because more and more patients want beautiful smiles, many general dentists are learning cosmetic techniques. Dr. Tran and Dr. Weston of Landmark Dental Group have taken continuing education courses in these types of treatments. The best part about choosing a general dentist that offers cosmetic care is that you get to work with a dentist who doesn’t simply make your mouth look great, but ensures that your mouth is healthy.

Some General Dentists Even Provide Advanced Treatments

There are a lot of different types of dentists: periodontists, endodontists, orthodontists, etc. If you require something other than a regular cleaning or filling, you may have to be sent to one of these specialists for treatment. However, if you choose the right general dentist, they can provide many advanced treatments themselves. At Landmark Dental, Dr. Tran has taken continuing education courses in root canal therapy, so you don’t have to be sent somewhere else to have your treatment.

General Dentists Can Provide Sedation Dentistry

Going to the dentist can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in patients. If you’ve ever been to one of the previously mentioned specialty dentists for treatment, you may have had some sedation to help you relax. However, even general dentists can provide sedation dentistry. At Landmark Dental Group, Dr. Weston has taken extra courses in sedation dentistry to ensure that patients have relaxing visits. Sedation options include three different options: 1.) inhalation, 2.) oral, and 3.) IV conscious. These sedation options aren’t just for big procedures. You can request them for just about any treatment, so that you can feel at ease.

General dentists do a lot more than just cleaning teeth and filling cavities. When you choose a general dentist with great training, you can get many services for the entire family so that everyone can have a healthy beautiful smile. For more information about general dentists in Santa Cruz and the treatments they provide, contact Landmark Dental Group today.

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