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If you need a dentist for your child, Landmark Dental Group in Santa Cruz can treat all of your child’s dentistry requirements. We love to educate parents about how to care for their children’s teeth at home. If you’re in the process of choosing a dentist for your whole family, please see below for four reasons why Landmark Dental is a wise dental choice for treating the pediatric and adult population.

Services Are Gentle, but Effective

Even as an adult, you probably get a little squeamish about going to the dentist, so it’s no wonder your kids might feel the same way. However, know that when you choose Landmark Dental Group, your child will receive services that are gentle enough to ease away that fear, yet effective enough to protect your child’s smile. Plus, they have many services that are specifically designed for children, such as sealants.

It’s a Family-Oriented Place

Everyone at Landmark Dental Group does their best to welcome families and children. Seeing children as young as six months old is not something new to the doctors and staff. In fact, Landmark Dental wants to see children. The earlier you start routine dental care for your child, the better their chances of having good oral health for life. Of course, that doesn’t mean they only want to see children. Landmark Dental also offers treatments that are specific to adults and geriatric patients, making it a place that you can call home for your entire family’s dental needs.

The Environment Is Clean and Welcoming

Perhaps you’ve experienced walking into a waiting room and seeing stains on the floor or old, ratty furniture. No one wants to experience that, especially if you have kids with you. At Landmark, this isn’t the case. The inviting and clean office is designed to relieve the stress associated with going to the dentist — instead of adding more. Kids even have their own table where they can color or read while they wait. Also, each treatment room has small doors, offering some privacy.

Landmark Dental Group Educates Parents

One of the lasting reasons to choose Landmark Dental for your child’s oral health is due to the fact that they educate parents so they can better help their children at home. You’ll learn what to expect with your child’s teeth, such as when baby teeth and adult teeth erupt — or are expected to erupt. However, you’ll also learn about ways to help keep your child’s teeth healthy by learning when and how to brush, how to avoid cavities when using a bottle — and many other tips. Teaching you how to best care for your child’s oral health from day one is the best way to promote good oral health for life.

A good dentist that treats children isn’t hard to find. Just stop by Landmark Dental. With a focus on care for the entire family, Landmark Dental can treat your entire family. For more information about services, contact Landmark Dental Group today.

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