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As you age, you need more specialized care, and that includes your oral care. Landmark Dental Group has all the skills and services that geriatric patients need, such as gum disease treatment and dentures. Check out how Landmark Dental can help with the varying oral problems that older patients face.

Dry Mouth

Many patients in the elderly population take common medications for a variety of health issues – including high blood pressure and diabetes. Although these medications can be beneficial for the whole body, many can cause oral side effects that can negatively effect the mouth and teeth. A very common side effect from taking medications is xerostomia, or dry mouth. With a dry mouth, there is a significant decrease in saliva flow. Since saliva is necessary to balance the pH in our mouth and reduce the acidity that bacteria are producing, the rate of cavities is greatly increased.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease or gum disease is not a natural part of aging. However, it is a very common condition in elderly patients. Landmark Dental offers many services and treatments to help control, or treat, the different types of gum disease. Patients can undergo deep cleaning scaling and root planing to remove inflammation-causing bacteria and plaque.

Missing Teeth

Whether due to gum disease, decay or simply natural wear and tear, many elderly patients are missing some, or all, of their teeth. This can make eating and speaking extremely difficult. However, Landmark Dental offers many different types of denture options. For patients with a few missing teeth, partial dentures are a great option, but for patients who are missing all of their teeth, complete dentures are best. Landmark Dental also offers implant-supported dentures, which create more stability than traditional dentures. Whichever option ends up working out best in your situation, rest assured that you will regain your smile’s beauty and functionality.

Poorly-Fitted Dentures

You may already have dentures, but if you’ve had them for a long time, they may no longer fit. When you’re missing teeth, your jaw naturally diminishes and becomes smaller. Over time, this causes your dentures to become too big. If your dentures continue to move or fall out when you talk or eat, it may be time for a new set. Your Landmark Dental dentist can determine if a completely new set of dentures is best or if less-expensive relines are a good option. Relines use your existing dentures, but recapture the new shape of your mouth so that your current dentures fit better.

Root Caries

Root caries are another common problem in older adults. Even if you don’t have gum disease, your gums may recede or develop pockets as you age. This can expose the vulnerable tooth roots to bacteria and plaque. Your tooth roots aren’t protected by enamel, so they are more prone to decay when exposed. Your Landmark Dental dentist can treat the cavities and work on a solution to prevent them from happening again.

Whether you have gum disease, need dentures, have root caries or any other dental concern, Landmark Dental is here. With services specifically designed for geriatric patients, they have the education and experience to help patients at every stage of life. For more information about geriatric dentistry services, contact Landmark Dental Group today.

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