Service - Geriatrics (elderly)

geriatric dentistryGeriatric dentistry is the delivery of oral health care to older adults and involves the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of problems associated with normal aging. There is a dramatic shift in demographics that is happening not only in the United States but worldwide, as life expectancy increases and the population ages in large part because of strides made in medicine and technology. As we have seen time and again, oral health is very much connected to systemtic, or overall health and well-being.  Older adults present a particular set of challenges in the dental office, including:  

- Periodontal (gum) disease

- Gum recession

- Xerostomia (dry mouth, often medication induced)

- Root caries (decay on the roots of the teeth)

- Attrition (wear of the incisal and/or occlusal surfaces from tooth-to-tooth contact)

- Missing Teeth

- Edentulism (missing all of your teeth)

- Ill-fitting dentures

- Coexisting medical problems and multiple medications

- Mobility & access to care issues

Our team of experts at Landmark Dental Group is well-trained in treating and preventing the diseases and issues relating to oral health care that are a characteristic of normal aging.  Our goal is to provide personalized treatment in a comfortable environment for improved function, esthetics, and quality of life.  Please feel free to contact our office at any time should you have any further questions or concerns.