Service - Crown & Bridge

crown and bridge workWHAT IS A CROWN?

If you have a diseased or broken tooth you may need a crown to cover the tooth and restore it to its normal shape and size while also improving strength and appearance.  A crown can cover and support a tooth with a large filling when there isn't enough tooth left. It can be used to protect a weak tooth from breaking or restore a tooth that's already broken.  A crown is often a good way to cover teeth that are discolored or badly shaped. It's also used to replace a missing tooth on a dental implant.

If we recommend a crown, it's probably to correct one of these conditions. Our primary concern, like yours, is helping you keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright. 



If you're missing one or more teeth, you may notice a difference in chewing and speaking. A missing tooth may also affect your smile.  Fortunately, there are several options for replacing a missing tooth and one these options is called a fixed bridge. 

Bridges replace missing teeth by literally "bridging" the gap between two strong, healthy abutment teeth.  The adjacent teeth are first prepared for crowns and the permanent bridge (which can be made from a variety fo different materials, such as gold alloy, porcelain, or a combination of these materials) is then cemented into place.  It’s success, therefore, depends on its foundation, that is, the surrounding teeth.  It’s very important to keep your remaining teeth healthy and strong with proper oral hygiene at home and regular visits to the dentist. 

There are many advantages to replacing teeth with a bridge.  They can help support the soft tissues of your face (i.e. lips and cheeks) to maintain the shape of your face as well as alleviate the stress in your bite by replacing missing teeth. Unlike a removable partial denture, which you can take out and clean, a fixed bridge can only be removed by a dentist.  

A good alternative to a fixed bridge is a dental implant.  Please see our section on implants to help answer any questions you have regarding this and other treatment.  Should you have any further questions or would like to discuss a bridge vs. an implant in replacing a missing tooth in more detail, please feel free to contact our office at any time.