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Thinking about kids dentistry? It’s absolutely crucial in helping kids grow up with healthy teeth!

When newborns first come home, it might seem they don’t have any teeth at all. The truth is, the crowns of the 20 “baby” teeth are almost completely formed from the very first day. That’s right: Dental health is already important!

A newborn should get his or her first dental examination no later than 12 months of age.

From then on, kids dentistry continues to play a role. Let’s take a closer look.

Kids Dentistry in the Younger Years

As the baby teeth start to erupt, it’s time to introduce your little one to a trusted pediatric dentist.

Most babies and toddlers will not have any problems with formation or eruption of their primary teeth. However, it’s still important to double-check with regular dental visits. The sooner an issue is noticed, the sooner it can be treated – and corrected.

It’s essential to examine a newborn’s mouth and ensure teeth are coming in straight, for example. Some habits, including thumb-sucking, can lead to problems with tooth spacing and alignment. Certain health conditions might impact tooth development as well.

These early years are also when adults should start to model dental health habits for kids.

Sure, it will be many years before a young child will be ready to brush alone. However, they should get used to the process with the help of a trusted adult. This makes it easier for them to develop their own healthy habits in the future.

Brushing without toothpaste can begin with the first tooth. Brushing with toothpaste? Age 3.

Kids Dentistry for Adolescents

As kids grow up, they start to take control of their own dental health habits. These formative years are critical. The more attention kids pay to their teeth now, the healthier they will be in the future. Don’t wait until the “adult teeth” start to arrive.

At first, kids should be supervised in their brushing. It’s important that they learn the right amount of toothpaste to use, how long to brush, and how to reach the challenging areas in the back of the mouth. Each brushing session should last at least two minutes.

Kids should also start connecting their eating habits with their brushing. It’s particularly vital that, when they enjoy a sugary snack, they should brush soon afterwards. Sugar is the most potent fuel for the bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Adolescents should visit the dentist twice annually for the best results.

Kids Dentistry for Teens

As teens, kids should develop their own organized dental health habits. They have both the self-control and the dexterity needed to use floss, and should do so at least once a week – working up to daily use. Mouthwash can also help neutralize bacteria.

Teens should continue seeing a dentist regularly to prevent and treat orthodontic issues.

At any age, your family needs a kids dentist you are all comfortable with.

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