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Professional Santa Cruz Dentists at Landmark Dental Group

Landmark Dental Group is a family Santa Cruz dentist that offers many professional services for patients. With the understanding that keeping your smile beautiful is part science and part art, Dr. Trang K Tran and Dr. Scott J Weston at Landmark Dental Group provide preventative, restorative and cosmetic services for your entire family. If you’re looking for a family dentist in Santa Cruz, check out what the professional doctors at Landmark can offer.

Dr. Trang K Tran’s Education and Awards

A graduate of University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry, Dr. Tran is an exceptional dentist. She proves this everyday by helping patients get beautiful, healthy smiles. Her prowess as a skilled dentist was proven early, and while still in school, she received letters of commendation from the faculty, and she even received honors in Patient Centered Care. Before coming to Santa Cruz, Dr. Tran worked as a private practitioner in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Like all doctors, Dr. Tran’s education did not end after she graduated. She continues her dental education by keeping up on new procedures to be able to better serve her patients. Particularly, Dr. Tran focuses her continuing education on esthetic dentistry and root canal therapy, which allows her to assist patients instead of sending them elsewhere for their needs.

Dr. Scott J Weston’s Education and Awards

Dr. Weston is the other Santa Cruz dentist at Landmark Dental Group, and like Dr. Tran, he attended the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry. He proves his skills with every patient he sees at Landmark Dental Group. While attending school, Dr. Weston also received recognition for his achievements. He won the Francis A. Sooy Award for Outstanding Dental Professional, and he has earned other awards for his work in restorative dentistry.

Dr. Weston also spent time at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine, where he participated in a General Practice Residency. While there, he learned about IV sedation and dental implants. He also has experience with geriatric and medically compromised patients from his time at Southern Nevada Veterans Administration. He continues his education with courses focusing on cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry and oral and maxillofacial pathology.

Services Offered at Landmark Dental Group

Thanks to the extensive education and continuing education that Dr. Tran and Dr. Weston continue to undergo, Landmark Dental Group can offer a wide range of services that you might not find at other general dentist offices. In addition to offering preventative and minor restorative procedures, such as cleanings and scaling and root planing, Landmark Dental Group also offers extractions, root canal therapy and services for geriatrics and children.

However, because Dr. Tran and Dr. Weston continue to further their education in cosmetic dentistry, Landmark Dental Group can also offer cosmetic dental services, including tooth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, dental bridges, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, dentures and dental implants. Landmark can also offer patients sedation dentistry options, including inhalation sedation, oral sedation and IV conscious sedation are all available for anxious patients who are looking for a stress-free visit.

If you want a Santa Cruz dentist who can offer you and your family everything you need to keep your smiles healthy and happy, you should consider Landmark Dental Group. Their professional doctors have extensive education and training, and they continue to learn new skills. For more information, contact Landmark Dental Group today.

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