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Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem – but did you know family dentists have been helping patients with this issue for years?

It’s been decades since halitosis – persistent bad breath – was recognized as a serious dental issue by dentists. Although bad breath by itself does not cause any severe health problems, it can be a sign of one.

There are three main causes of halitosis family dentists encounter:

Bad Breath Cause #1: Dental Hygiene Issues

One of the most important ways to defend yourself against bad breath is to brush your teeth regularly.

If you are brushing at least twice a day, but still notice you have issues with bad breath, start by adding one more brushing session to your daily routine. If this helps, but the issue doesn’t go away completely, look at your flossing schedule.

When bad breath seems to come out of nowhere, the culprit may be food particles between teeth. Bacteria feed on these, causing odors. Without flossing, bits of food can remain in teeth for days.

As your toothbrush gets older, it’s less effective at removing bacteria and food particles. It can also start to irritate your gums more easily. Replace it regularly as the bristles get worn down.

Bad Breath Cause #2: Diet

Diet is a major factor in breath – for obvious and not-so-obvious reasons!

First, you could simply be eating things with a pungent odor, like onions and garlic. Brushing your teeth within 30 minutes of eating these foods usually resolves breath issues. However, that’s not the only thing to watch out for on the menu!

Generally, diets high in sugar are more likely to cause bad breath.

Many cases of bad breath are caused by bacteria in the mouth as it attempts to colonize the teeth. These bacteria flourish when given access to sugar, facilitating faster growth of dental plaque. Ultimately, tooth decay can result.

By cutting some sweet treats out of your meals, you may improve your breath.

Proteins, including red meat, can also provoke sour breath.

Bad Breath Cause #3: Injury & Illness

Bad breath with no other obvious cause can be the result of tooth decay or gum disease. However, these conditions rarely progress far enough to cause changes in the breath without other symptoms, including bleeding, discoloration, and pain.

Any type of injury or surgical wound in the mouth can cause bad breath during the healing process. Follow the instructions of your doctor or dentist to ensure these are taken care of so they can heal naturally.

A number of infections can cause lesions, sores, or other problems in and around the mouth. These may cause bad breath until resolved. Some conditions affect the breath even if there are no other oral or dental symptoms.

Halitosis? Contact Your Trusted Family Dentists

Bad breath can be an annoyance. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but you should look into it to rule out any serious problems. Contact Landmark Dental Group to get to the bottom of it.

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