Going above and beyond for our patients…


photo credit: Dollar Photo Club

A patient’s father was visiting from Peru and being that this is beautiful Santa Cruz, he decided to go for a swim in the ocean.  The waves here can be somewhat sneaky, and he unfortunately lost his complete upper denture in the water.  Here for a few weeks visiting lots of family and also will be travelling out of state before heading home, he quickly needed some help getting teeth back so he could continue to participate in family functions without feeling self-conscious.

Working with our long-time local lab technician, we had a brand new complete denture fabricated and delivered in under 3 days (a process that can normally take a month or more).  This was also done with all necessary steps to ensure a comfortable, retentive, and esthetic result.

The patient was, needless to say, very happy with the results and we were glad we could help out!!

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